On broadening missionary friendship

On broadening missionary friendship

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Recently, Mr. Jacob Y Kamara, our prayer leader of Kombili community, invited me to visit three villages (Yendeia, Kambaia and Kalia). Actually these villages are not too far from Kombili, but because the short access road was bad, we used a long but better road. The advantage was that we passed through many other villages that I had not seen before: Biribaia, Modibiai, Bantanlolu and Koindu. We chose the day of Friday when people are in the villages for prayer because most of them are Muslims. In fact, when we arrived in Kalia village, they were in the mosque praying, so we waited for them in the house of the town chief. These villages are along the border between Sierra Leone and Guinea. They are Yalunka by tribe....

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Wednesday, 31 January 2018
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