Xaverian Life in Bintaro

Xaverian Life in Bintaro

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Xaverian Life in Bintaro - Jakarta

In the spirit of joy and thanksgiving, we, the formation community of Bintaro, Jakarta (Indonesia) celebrated two grateful moments. First, six young men were received into the novitiate, at the Xaverian community of Bintaro, Jakarta on Saturday, July 15th 2017. During the initiation rite, Father Yakobus as a novice master called each one by name. They responded saying, “Yes, Lord, here I am.” In his homily, Fr. Yakobus emphasized that the period of the Novitiate is a time to know and love Jesus more deeply and personally, following the example of St. Guido M. Conforti. Furthermore, Noviciate allows the novices to experience the lifestyle of the Xaverian Congregation and to form themselves in mind and heart according to its spirit in view of becoming members. The 6 young men who bravely took courage to answer God's call to the Religious life are Pupung, Michael, Silas, Eman, Faris and Yosman. Because of them, the whole Xaverian community in Indonesia feels blessed in a very special way.

Second, three days later, on Tuesday 28 July 2017, 13 young men were received into the Postulancy. The mass was celebrated  in a solemn way and it was attended by some of our benefactors. In his message Fr. Harno, shared and reminded the new postulants the challenge of giving up oneself for the mission of God and the meaning of leaving everything in the context of today’s post-modern world. He praised the postulants for the courage to commit to be formed and to verify whether or not they have the ability to progressively undertake the obligations of missionary consecration in the Xaverian Family, gradually preparing themselves for Novitiate. Fr Harno emphasized also the importance of “docibility”. At the end of the homily, the postulants received as a sign of their new commitment, the book of St. Guido Maria Conforti and St. Francis Xavier, the Rosary and the Gospel. These are the names of the 13 young men who knocked on the door of the new stage of formation: John, Rian, Sepis, Olga, Masri, Igo, Putra, Ambros, Huan, Soni, Dito, Galih and Firmin.

With the addition of 13 postulants and six novices, the formation house in Bintaro now is composed by 23 people: two formators, two senior confreres and 19 formandi. They come from various places in Indonesia which is always a living sign of our witness that we are one in Christ. What a wonderful grace of God! Indeed, the Lord has done great things for us!

Fr.  Harno Leonardus SX

1. New Members of our formation-house
2. New Novices with the formators 
3. New Postulants with the formators

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Wednesday, 26 July 2017
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